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Maplewood Builders is a construction management and general contracting firm based in Cos Cob, Connecticut. We are members of The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Fairfield County (HBRA) and The National Associations of Home Builders (NAHB). Our leadership associates have experience operating in Southern Connecticut for over twenty years.

Maplewood Builders provides a full range of new construction and renovation services for the residential and light commercial clients. Our special focus is providing high quality custom products to our discriminating professional clientele. We provide the expertise to enable our clients to focus on their personal, professional and business opportunities, leaving the headaches, scheduling and difficulty of the building and renovation to us. Our standard practices employ strong detailed communication and documentation. We only take a limited number of projects to insure our clients receive the attention they need.

Maplewood Builders maintains the most advantageous working relationships with its associates. All of our associates and tradesmen are high quality contractors; the difference between acceptable and outstanding is the skilled people that we provide. All parties work in harmony with a common goal of building the best project in the most cost-effective manner. We are committed to professional excellence, in-depth knowledge and growth by investing in the best, most-extensive continuing education programs and superior training available. One program we are enrolled in is the Certified Graduate Remodelor designation offered by The NAHB University of Housing. Less than thirty professionals within the state of Connecticut hold this exclusive professional designation.

Maplewood Builders will strive to build an enduring business relationship with you based on mutual trust and respect. We assist you in realizing the full potential of your living space through professionalism, expertise and craftsmanship. You will always have skilled help available to evaluate each of the many decisions you will need to make in a timely and cost conscience fashion. Long after the concepts are forgotten, drawings filed away and checkbook balanced, you will be looking at, stepping on, and living under our contribution to your project.

Each year Americans spend more than $200 billion just on improving their homes. There is an estimated 200,000 residential remodeling firms nationwide, plus another 600,000 self-employed workers doing remodeling and home repair. Ensure you are choosing the best professional…Maplewood Builders, recognized as the Standard of Excellence. Construction projects are exciting but often complicated, welcome to construction made simple!


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If you would like to contact Maplewood Builders or see more of our work please contact Maplewood Builders by calling 1 (203) 869 8422, or email us. We build our homes with pride. If you have any problems or complaints about this Maplewood Builders website, please let us know by calling (203) 869 8422. To reach via search engines use the following terms: Maplewood builders, John C. Windels, Construction made simple.

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